Alexandria - student project


RP - A young man is attending college at the angst of society and his family, constantly being compared to his older, bigger brother. His only outlet, writing fiction and role-playing with a woman he met online some years prior. Their friendship blossoms in this world and theirs, allowing their text based fantasy to become what they always wanted it to be; real.

The Glass is Always Full – After the funeral of his father, a man sits in a diner observing the work of a young waitress. She is clearly new and handling things the best she can until a ruthless patron starts to give her a hard time. Seeing this, the man remembers something his father taught him and he realizes that no matter what he will always be his father’s son.

Untitled - Fear is a very powerful thing, more so in the small town of Ridgewillow. For years the town has been revered as a tourist attraction with the massive Mausoleum Labyrinth a mere few miles ahead. The rumors of haunting and ghost sightings bring men, and women, and boys, and girls from far, far away. But as a dark storm approaches, a young cop will find that the fear he has is more justified than he and others thought.