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Alexandras Organizing living space like a PRO

The  idea from the beginning was to build something relateively easy to dissemble to create my own secluded space in my room. I wanted something very small where i felt secluded from everyone, something cozy. Anyway, these are some stages i went through and the size is right because i dont want it any larger than what i have of width which is 29 inches. Its currenyly  67 inches lengthwise, 29 width and heigh is about 47. What i would like, with some ideas.. is to close that shape (because its too "open" or to create some type of light weight door with maybe foam and thin plywood? I would also like to shape the whole design into a long triangle maybe so i dont have to measure so many shapes since im not that handy with wood work.. maybe use hinges? what ways can i connect or attach a door? I also need to cover the top part and dont know with what since i need somehting lightweight.


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