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Alexandra MacArthur

Film, design, and writing.



Alexandra's Essay Topics.

These are some rough ideas of things I could write about for my essay. My issue is that two of these aren't stories per say. They're more like opinion essays. Is that OK?

1) An essay on falling in love with California and later it dumping me. Basically an essay about how it was hard for me as an east coaster to adapt to California.

2) Five reasons why the film industry sucks. Basically a rant about how I think people in the industry lead sad pathetic lives, but at least they have a work ethic unlike me. Here is a sample of my reasons: a) it's a bro zone. b) there is no work life balance. c) it attracts people who care more about imaginary people than their family members. d) everyone is fake as shit. e) film productions often operate like the army, which is never a good thing.


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