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Alexandra, the protector

Alexandra comes from Alexandros, greek for "defending men" or "protector of men".

It is usually confused by the femenine form of Alexander but first was actually one of the titles of the greek goddess Hera, the partner and sister (I know, gross!) of Zeus. She was the goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, and family. 

Her symbols are: pomegranate, peacock feathers, lilies, lotus, cuckoo, lion, and others.

My name is also the name of some royal members of England, Scotland, and Russia. Like the Queen Elizabeth, whom complete name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.


I love how my name and my zodiac sign are connected (ha! I sort of believe in astrology, sort of :P). I'm a taurus, also a protector. And yes, I defend and protect my beloved family, friends and partner.

FUN FACT: My mom used  to said I should be a lawyer, because I'm always defending a cause or my ideas! I defend my ideas as a designer. ;) Now my boyfriend also thinks I could be a great attorney. :O But as Hera, I love to create. <3


For the sketches I wanted to depict a queen/goddess with some of the symbols of Hera as part of her.

You can see in a head a crown made of peacocks feathers, the others had a pomegranate crown, the flowers are from the pomegranate plant.


Here's the final sketch:


Instead of a crown, her hair is made of Lillies. Her scepter is a golden pomegranate (fruit and flower), and she has a cuckoo (for advice) on her shoulder. A long flowy dress that hides her feet making the illusion of a floating figure, a superior entity; like a goddess.

And finally, the digitized sketch.





Thanks for watching! :)


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