Alembic Gathering

Alembic Gathering - student project

I usually make some commemorative stickers for our annual Gathering event. This is the 9th annual Gathering, so it's the perfect time to make circle badges. I didn't get too wild on this one, but everyone here is really digging the design:

Things I am happy I learned:

1. Using circles to gauge spacing in wireframe mode.

2. Converting the lines to shapes, no more scaling headaches.

3. Rotate tool!

For the curious, I used Founders Grotesk X-condensed Medium font. The logo has been with us since 1969.

Hope I have time to try out some more creative designs before I need to get these printed.


This one is with the "A" from our logo mark as the center for a 1-color version:

Might do one incorporating a guitar or bass peghead - need to incorporate the center design more.