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Amber Lee

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Alcoholic Bubblegum and Other Gems

Okay, so my three ideas for gum are as follows:

  • A series of photos with animals in nature blowing bubbles (photoshopped) as an ad series for an all natural, sugar free bubble gum.

 Except with real birds. I'd want bigger animals in nature, like giraffes or panda bears. Cute, but wild so you got the "all natural" pun.

  • A commercial with a kid skipping down the street chewing gum. He goes into his house and sees a gun left on the desk. The camera pans away and we hear a pop. "Kids don't know the difference in danger between gum and a gun" or something like that.

  • Alcohol flavored gum, to give a little buzz to daydrinkers.

These would be marketed mostly to women, in bright colors like this, and if they were successful, they'd branch out into men. Perfect for bachelorette parties.

And here's my creative work for critique. It's Marilyn Monroe made up of her quotes.


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