Alcohol markers portraits

Alcohol markers portraits - student project

I have done two drawings with alcohol markers. I love so much this medium but I don’t dominate it very much to be realistic. I don’t use it so much.

My markers are a very cheap brand called Oleep and the Ohuhu pastels. For my goals they suit very well.

The paper choosed it’s a Bristol from Canson of 250 gr (110 lb).

My first attempt don’t end very well I think. I love portraits with colored lights but it’s difficult to interpret with markers to me.

Alcohol markers portraits - image 1 - student projectI don’t was very sure of what I was doing and I think it’s reflected in the drawing.

Mistakes happen but I’m more satisfied with my second attempt. And here it is.

Alcohol markers portraits - image 2 - student project

It costs me so much to decide the colors, I had to do choices (goods or bads…) because I don’t have the exact colors that match that of the picture.

But well, here are the results.

I enjoyed so much the class, thank you so much! Your portraits are awesome.

The original photos from where my drawings are based are these:

Alcohol markers portraits - image 3 - student project