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Robert Mostyn

bc likes design!



Album Illustration - The Joy Formidable

// The Joy Formidable //

Really feeling a soundscape / mountainscape look. Possibly no specific subject in design but rather a focus on technologic distortion of nature. Band has a huge, soaring sound with backing synths that are often full and reverby. Clean and layered vocals float over it all, often tieing it together.

// Sketches //

Really want some oversized object in a landscape. Want it to make the viewer feel uncomfortable in the way of, "That should not be there" or foreboding? Workin on it! I dig the image of the pyramid in the forest from my mood board. Something along that line but not as distorted. The object may have more of a digital feel. 

Of my sketches, I dig the monolith the most. They make me terribly uncomfortable.


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