Album Cover

Album Cover - student project

Project step no. 1

Post up 3 images of typography you notice around you and make notes.

Album Cover - image 1 - student project

An ad from Computer Arts magazine. A distressed typewriter style font is used for both headline & body copy apparently in an attempt to appeal to young graphic designers.

Album Cover - image 2 - student project

An ad by David Carson one of my favorite graphic designers and typography innovator. A little blurry on the edge (sorry about that) because it won't quite fit on my scanner.

Album Cover - image 3 - student project

Magazine cover for American Songwriter. At least 4 different typefaces, but they work well together. From the decorative script of "American" against the compimentary lowercase sans-serif (could you cal it "block?") to the more informative text listing the contents and issue info.

Project 2 - Design an album cover for your favorite band / artist

I really don't have a favorite band or artist so I chose something a little off the beaten path (because that's usually where you'll find me... lol).

For the headline text I chose a vintage looking Decorative font "Pipeburn" (don't remember where I got it, but it was free - probably Creative Market). To compliment that - a contrasting font: a simple, but thick, sans-serif "Montserrat Bold" (actually a free Google font I had downloaded to use on my website). For the sub-sub heading I chose another contrasting font, a serif this time "PreciousSerif Book" whhich also had a bit of a vintage look to match the subject matter, a jazz orchestra (the greatest of that era) from the late 20s early 30s.

Album Cover - image 4 - student project

Tom Barkoukis
Musician/Graphic Artist