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Album Cover for...

Step One: Okay, here are three album covers (taken from my Pinterest account) from three diferent bands that are blues-based (all favorites :-).

So, Humble Pie is a band with a booming/bass-driven, head-banging sound. Guessing the typography reflects the music...RAW, BIG, BOLD COLORS reflecting the that an adapted comic type? 

Johnny Winter has melodic guitar riffs that are poetic in a sense. The script text is a visual for the music, e.g. elegant, flowing. The visual illustrates what live looks and feels like... you will feel this if you listen to the album :-)

Well, the Stevie Ray Vaughn album captures the artist as craftsman (incredible musician). The text (some kind of condensed font?) and graphic project professionalism/journeyman status.

Summary - I was really surprised to find how similar many album covers are when linked to a specific sound, especially blues/rock.Big blocky letters (would this be considered SLAB?) are typical, though not universal. Would have guessed that the opposite would be true, you know creatives :-)




Step 2:

I decided on a "modern" band, Spineshank, as the album cover theme.I listen to their music on occasion and thought the name lent well to my wildlife and photography skillset. I did some background checking online and found their album covers and some interviews of the band. None of material indicated a love or hate of nature. I felt if I kept it simple, like most album covers, it would convey their professionalism, music type, style in a way they might appreciate and like. 

So, I went online and downloaded a public domain image (a png silhouette) of an electric guitar to use a basis for a logo. That was easy and straightforward. Imported into 12' x 12" Photoshop file. Next I wanted to add "spines" to the guitar neck (aka "shank" in my mind :-) using a photo image (mine) of a dragonfly leg. Even in Photoshop I found this difficult and abandoned this idea and simply added spines using the brush tool in Photoshop.

The "slab" text I selected was Trajan 3 Pro Bold (included with Photoshop). I did "shop" online for a font, but didn't find something that I liked. I layered it over the guitar silhouette in white and added a drop shadow to help it stand out from backgrounds. Now I had a logo.

Step 3: As I mentioned in Step 2 above, I shopped around for a slab style font. Many rock bands gravitate to big bold simple letters...kind of relfective on their music (loud and simple). Eventually felt the serif font (serifs look like "spines") included in Photoshop would be a good fit. 

Step 4: Struggled with a background (what kind) for the longest time, until this morning. I found a photo of a cactus (mine) and simply placed it as the background layer. Reduced the opacity to about 50 %. Added "Best Of" (ini black, same Trajan font except larger) as another layer. Tadaaa...kind of like it...would the customer?


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