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Albion Brew Co - Homebrew labels for a crate and bottles

I've been homebrewing for over a year now, and even though it's fun to design label for each beer, I wanted a nice generic label to put on my homebrews so I can give them out easily. I also recently took a wooden pallet apart and made it into crate to keep my homebrews, and wanted to design a sign that could be painted onto the crate.

I was inspired a lot by old typographic led advertising, whether it be beer or other ephemera. I also looked at more contemporary interpretations of this style, such as the coffeee bean pack top middle. 

I started with just sketching lots and quite randomly just to see what came out. My homebrew brewery name is 'Albion Brew Co', simply as I live on Albion Road. Albion is actually an anchient name for England and 'The Albion' is quite a common name for pubs here, so I felt it a fitting name. 

I started by vectorising a more finalised logo and adding a bit of textures to get a vibe of how it could feel in a real world context. I know I want to paint the box grey, so took that as a starting point. 

I then played around with the logo on the crate to see how it works, tweaking how It hink I will do the colours

Finally I looked at the labels for my beer. I wanted to do swingtags as this could be easily printed in bulk and then I can hand write on the other side when I give beers out and need to write what they are on there. 


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