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Allison MacAlister

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Alberta Dinosaur Surface Pattern

Hi everyone!

I've been excited to take this class for awhile. I'm an illustrator by trade, and have been meaning to add surface patterns to my arsenal to create products with, and posssibly sell on other venues.

I wanted to choose something I really love for my first project, to keep me inspired. As a huge paleontology nerd, I've decided that my first project will be a repeated pattern of lesser-known Albertan dinosaurs. :D

I made my mood board using a bunch of Pinterest inspiration. Most of it is existing dinosaur-based surface patterns and some woodland detail reference - the ones on the bottom are referencing colour patterns I have in mind for this project. I also copy+pasted a long list of Albertan dinosaurs for my doodling reference.


With that, I made this!


It doesn't have all of the elements I would like, but that's partially due to my inexperience with Adobe Illustrator. This pattern was great practice with the pen tool for me! It also repeats well which I'm pleased about.

I decided on Lambeosaurus, Albertosaurus, Centrosaurus, Struthiomimus and Pachycephalosaurus. :)

This was a great class and I can't wait to make more! Thanks Elizabeth!


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