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Albert Friggin' Einstein! Booyah!


While researching for ideas to make this pattern, I found out Einstein was a womanizer (I wonder what his pick up lines were???) and some dude from a University carried Einstein's brain around in a jar for many, many years.  Since I found this info on the Internet, it must be true! LOL


I made all the graphics (except the brain) in Illustrator, saved them as a .eps file for use in Photoshop. I used gears that I made in Helen's Steampunk Illustrator class earlier in the year.  For the brain, I found a picture on of a purple plastic brain, used Photoshop to remove the part around the brain, and saved the file as a jpg.  I placed the file in Illustrator and traced the image in 3 colors, changed the different colors to 2 different shades of green and removed all the white.

This was really fun, Helen.  Great class.   


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