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Joni-Leigh D.

Fine Artist, Illustrator, Designer




Hi everyone :)

I'm Joni-Leigh, a graphic designer & illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. I've been following Zso's work for years and I'm so thrilled to be taking part in this course :) Here goes:

1a) The ocean has always been a huge part of my life. I've always lived close to the sea. I surf, dive and recently scattered my late father's ashes into the sea after he passed away last year. I'm also obsessed with flying; wings; birds have always fastinated me. Recent themes in my life are that of love, loss and whether the romantic ideal of lifelong commitment is every really, truly possible. I find myself searching for solutions to life's questions in nature, and I've combined the elements and themes above in the form of an Albatross as my subject matter for this project. Wikipedia says that the albatross mates for life. I'm currently considering attaching puppet strings to my albatross, metaphorically questioning the links between how natural or unnatural this is in human nature. I'm leaning towards moving forward with Sketch 1 as it most accurately portrays my concept, and illustrating only a single albatross (with puppet strings attached) rather than two.

1b) my pinterest board of reference material can be found here.

2) Please see attached for my rough sketches. All feedback welcome! :)

Okay - my update! Drawing scanned. I've also scanned a couple of elements, watercolours, hand-drawn feathers, etc, that I created and willI be working with in Photoshop and adding to my Albatross drawing. :)

And here's my final piece!


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