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Alaskan Badges

I am going to focus on animals of Alaska. Including some birds. Probably Salmon too, since that's pretty iconic of the state.

Mind Map:

Initial Sketches (I really need to find white paper for sketching, but this is what I have at hand...)

I got a start on making a few badges. I'm not sure I mind, but the idea of a concise color palette is seeming impractical, if I am going to make the animals natural-looking colors. I tried to use the same colors where they fit, but so far, there's not as much overlap as I was hoping. The background scenes may be the place to have a stricter color palette. 

I think the border shapes need to be different - I was playing with the idea of using the shape of the state of Alaska, but that made for too busy a border shape.

Looking at these now, I think I may need to redo the bear - I made him first, and was trying to stick more strictly with using simple shapes, but got away from that for the others.

And just for fun, I put these 3 animals into a photo I took at Echo Lake (about an hour north of Anchorage, AK)

Still more badges to do... that's where I am for now.


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