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Alabama Shakes

Hi, I'm Kari from the ATL.

Alabama Shakes is an American soul-rock band from Alabama. Brittany Howard (lead singer) has such a wonderful, rich and soulful voice. Unfortunately, they aren't playing in my neck of the woods anytime soon, but would love to see them when they do.

Here's their current Album Cover Art:

Here's a logo/graphic displayed on apparel/stickers/patches from their site:


1. I'd love to work on an illustrated portrait of Brittany Howard. She really is the jem of the band and has a beautifully interesting look that would be super fun to draw.

2. Use the rattlesnake theme they already have going on, but take a different approach. I was thinking of focusing in on the rattle (as opposed to the whole snake) - maybe creating some sort of pattern (come to think of it now - their album cover could be read as an abstract representation of a snake rattle).

3. Rock n' Roll Church - juxtaposing religious and rock n' roll imagery

4. Combination of the above

Some Initial Doodles:

Snake Scale Pattern:

Text Heavy / Abstract rattling:

Generic Portrait:

"Rock n' Roll Church" Inspiration:

The Tabernacle in Atlanta would be the perfect venue for the Alabama Shakes. It was orginally a Baptist Tabernacle Church in the late 1800s and is now a major concert venue - The perfect representation of a Rock n' Roll Church.

The Madonna (classic religious icon):


Concept: Rock n' Roll Church - The organ is a reference to the venue.

These are rough photoshop sketches - After I decide on the final composition, I want to work on illustrating the poster by hand and maybe incorporating different media.


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