Matt Grosvold

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Alabama Shakes at the Paramount, Seattle, 3/3/13

Hello, Everyone!

I'm Matt, a designer and screenprinter from Seattle.

Past Posters/ Style Reference:

I decided to make a poster for the upcoming Alabama Shakes show at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  The Shakes have a Southern Americana sound and this theme is apparent in the way that they present themselves in photographs and the way they dress, and their poster art has a vintage southern rock and roll feel to it.  I wanted to get all the obvious ideas out of the way first like a picture of the state of Alabama shaking, noise makers, people dancing, earthquakes, milkshakes, salt and pepper, etc.

Then I started thinking about other things that shake but more subtly, with vintage american connotations, a little bit of danger and movement and this made me think about shaking dice in your hand before rolling in Craps.  I immediatly thought of the possibility of incorporating the date of the show, 3/3, into the dice and thay solidified the concept for me.


 Illustration Color / Style Reference:

I really like the way that LandLand does these full scene posters that incorporate the typography into the landscape in some way.  Also the muted color schemes and watercolor painting style really appeal to me and I wanted to use some of these concepts into my own design.

Rich Kelly also uses a similar color pallette and watercolorish style, and I've always liked it when he tilts the perspective to add more of a sense of movement and tension and I was thinking maybe my design could benefit from this tension.

Initial Layout / Sketches:

I am pretty horrible at sketching and usually just use that for the initial concepts so for this concept I put together a collage of source images to get a feel for the layout a little better.

Here is my rought sketch:

Here it is tilted and skewed:

Final Sketch:

Here is my final sketch now got to work on coloring it in!


I wanted to continue the americana concept a little futher subtly by only using red, white, and blue.  I wanted the ground area to look like dirt and I am setting this up to be screen printed so I started with a french speckletone sand paper background and by using a very fine dot blended the colors together which I think gives it a nice texture.


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