"Al Warqaa"

"Al Warqaa"  - student project

I do not always get the chance to visit gallery exhibitions in my country, I have been to many outside my city, or the Internet most of the times, but there was a week I discovered many talented artists in my city where (Amman Design Week) was held, and I was mesmerized with a lot of works of arts. One that really caught my attention, and you get to see once you enter the main exhibition is "The Warqaa" by Adel Abidin, which is a fus'ha Arabic word that means: The Dove. 

"Al Warqaa"  - image 1 - student project

It is a suspended light-based sculpture, it is a work inspired by Avicenna’s poem (Ode to a Human Soul).
It is composed to look like a dove flying away to make a journey but yet trapped to a stone, to me this is a comparison and a metaphor of the human soul's trip outside the physical body, this composition represents a human's soul during life, and the only way for this dove (the soul) to actually float and fly away, be fond and eternal is to be dispatched from the stone (the physical body), this gives a meaning and an indication of how beautiful "death" can be for one's soul.

The material used in this work of art is acrylic and LED lights, it is a steel structure. attached to an actual stone. The light can indicate to beauty and eternity for me, and showcases a beautiful lit dove to represent the human soul. The sculpture radiates light and depicts an intangible outline of a dove reflecting this concept through a visual language.

"Al Warqaa"  - image 2 - student project


I believe the artist's intention is to give a beautiful representation of the human soul, in life and in death.

To be honest, I wish I knew more about the artist's process when he created this piece, I am not sure he was available to elaborate more on it, I have never seen a light-based sculpture before, nor did I have any knowledge of how such lights are formed and executed. But it would definitely be interesting to hear or read about it, but the unknown still looks beautiful to me.

"Al Warqaa"  - image 3 - student project

Here is a piece extracted from: “Ode to a Human Soul” by Ibn Sina (Avicenna).

“It descended upon thee from out of the regions above,
That exalted, ineffable, glorious, heavenly Dove.
Twas concealed from the eyes of all those who its nature
would ken Yet it wears not a veil, and is ever apparent to men.

Unwilling it sought thee and joined thee, and yet, though it grieve,
It is like to be still more unwilling thy body to leave.

It resisted and struggled, and would not be tamed in haste,
Yet it joined thee, and slowly grew used to this desolate waste,
Till, forgotten at length, as I ween, ere hounds and its troth
In the heavenly gardens and groves, which to leave it was loath.”

I am in such awe of this work of art, and would love to inhale more and more.

Thank you.