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Maria Adams




Akureyri Botanical Gardens

Hi! I am a painter and I create a lot of patterns by hand to use in my work. Because of this I have become increasingly interested in surface design as an independent art form. I am so happy to have found this class as a way to dive deeper into the field.

I decided to use photogrpahs from my 2012 visit to the Akureyri Botanical Gardens in Iceland as an inspiraion for this project.

Here is an example of the images I was looking at:


I began with a simple sketch in pencil:


I decided to use Crayola markers to add color to my image. I teach little kids art all day and I love the playfulness of the materials!


Here is the reconstructed image after cutting it in half twice:


...and again after filling in the blank space:


I scanned and uploaded the image to my computer, working with it in Photoshop. I am really horrible at using it because I am used to doing everything directly by hand on my canvas. I actually downloaded a free trial of the program just for this project. I tried to clean up the shadows between the cuts and pasted it together quickly to get an idea of what the pattern would look like. I tried some different colors for the background as well. There are a lot of sloppy seams and inconsistancies, but I hope I can improve on that with practice! 

Can anyone suggest some resources for using Photoshop or Illustrator to put together and clean up patterns digitally? 



Thanks Julia for such an awesome class! I really admire your work!


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