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Airsoft T-shirts

I want to start a project making Airsoft Tshirts. Tshirts with creative designs that represent the world of Airsoft. At the moment many people do not know what Airsoft is. It is exactly like Paintball but with out the messy paint splatter on you. It is played in groups on a field developed for combat. All fake guns used these games are exact replicas of real guns with small plastic bb's used as ammunition. 

The tshirt designs will represent Airsoft saying, symbols, teams, fields, guns, targets, and everything involved with this sport. The tshirt will act as a walking billboard to others who view it. This gives an awareness of what Airsoft is all about. This in turn makes this sport more popular and customers more engaged in buying gear along with their Airsoft tshirts.

Anthing new that is brought to a persons attention becomes very intriguing. Like meeting someone for the first time. You want to make great impressions so you do more by buying things that will show you care for that person or yourself. When I started playing Airsoft I learned the ins & outs of what was neccessary to play and look the part (also in regards to safety) I am still buying & upgrading as my game becomes more and more advanced. And to express my love of this sport I want to show it to others by representing a well designed tshirt that lets others know there's a great game of Airsoft that you should look into trying out.


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