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Air Traffic Controller

I moved to Boston eight years ago as a freshman at Northeastern and I am never leaving. It is and will be my home. Air Traffic Controller is a band from the area. Dave Munro is from Boston. He was an air traffic controller in the Navy, hence the name. I dig their music. Their two albums have been a playlist ive listened to hundreds of times. I did not discover the band until about a year ago, and it has been arguebaly the most personal improvment ive expereinced during any period in my life. Since my discovery of the band syncs up perfectly with the beginning of my life improving, ATC has become the unofficial soundtrack to some of the best memories in my life. 

Boston is a persistant theme throught the albums. The band has had a reoccuring triangle logo that takes center stage on the cover of their second album, Nordo. I dont know the origin of the triangle. Maybe it was just a simplification of the 'A' in Air, which has been used by the band in the past. In my mind its an homage to the Citgo sign. It is a Boston icon. I want to make a Boston themed poster for ATC that featues their triangle replacing the Citgo sign.

Sketches to come.

Here are some pics of the sign for reference.

Here is my first illustration. i tried to focus on making the lights on the sign look uniform and accurate to the sign, and then i removed the lights that would convert the citgo sign in to the Air Traffic Controller triangle logo. i want to add depth to the sky, but not complexity. i want to add detail to the buildings but try and keep it two dimensional. i focused on the rule of thirds (as instructed) so the sign fills up the middle third and the sky(negetive space! woo!) and buildings are the top and bottom thirds. im debating making this in to a set of two prints and doing a day and a night scene. i still need to address typography, but ive got a long way to go before i get there. 

i started adding some detail to the buildings and messing with the texture effects. this is my first shot at textures, halftones, bitmaps, all that jazz. i feel like they are way to clearly halftoned. i dont know what to tweak to make that better, but im going to be working on it.


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