Air Mail promo

Air Mail promo - student project

This promotional mailer will be sent to commercial galleries and arts organizations.  I will mail these to my targets and repeat the pattern two more times throughout the year from different locations in an effort to get them to recognize my name and generate interest in future group shows or a solo show if possible.

Included in the Air Mail envelope will be a handwritten letter and three small prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, the same paper I'd use for gallery prints.  I think this will be a cost effective and eye catching way to introduce myself to galleries I've researched and identified as targets.

I'd like to get feedback as to whether the tone in the handwritten letter is too familiar or appropriate for a first contact.  Also, did I appropriately reference my website and invite the gallerist to visit?  Any other comments on the concept or execution would be much appreciated.


Air Mail promo - image 1 - student project

Air Mail promo - image 2 - student project

Air Mail promo - image 3 - student project

Air Mail promo - image 4 - student project

Air Mail promo - image 5 - student project