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Air France

I'm a huge travel poster fan, so I had to jump on one of those for my inspiration. 

The original ad...

My first block rendering...

There are definitely places where I could take advantage of shape shortcuts, but since I'm fairly new to Illustrator, I used this as an opportunity to really get some practice with the pen. About 95% of the shapes were made with just the pen tool.

The roof started as one big shape, but seeing how the shading fell onto individual facets of it, I then made it a grouping of five individual, smaller shapes. Same for the building's body.

For the fencing, played around with copying and pasting the initial shapes I created, and then using the group alignment tools to make sure everything fell into place.


It was pretty clear from the get-go that I would have a hard time finding existing, matching fonts, especially for the top line. I used the pen tool to create each letter, incorporating the knockout technique for the openings in the As and Rs. 

The details and final result...

Once I got knee-deep into the deets, I started to realize just how many little bits there were. Some of the things I used:

  • Blob brush for the red flower spots all over the garden
  • I found on the interwebs how to use the stroke width tool to create the curved lines on the main blue steeple
  • Also with a little more interwebs investigation, I used the spray symbol tool to create a tiny brick shape (basic rectangle) for the walls of the chateau. I had some initial difficulty changing the symbol color between the lighter and darker walls.
  • I also used the same symbol tool on the roof markings on the left side, and then did a mirror copy & paste for the right side, to make things easier. The blob brush was used to fill in the more solid parts along the edges of each roof shape.
  • The copper feather effect on the rooster was using the brush tool, set at varied transparencies. A whollllllle lotta paths on that sucker.
  • Brush tool on the clouds, which were tricky. I used the best brush texture I could find, but I'm sure there's a better one out there. Also set the strokes at 80% transparency.

I must have also shifted the original image underneath at some point, because this came out a bit stretched/wider than the original.

Great class to get you well on your way with Illustrator. I think what I liked most was that it really taught me to break down an image. Like working on a puzzle to see how shapes can be generalized/simplified, and investigating to see which tool would be best for the job.

Thank you, Brad!


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