Air France Print Ad

Air France Print Ad - student project

Air France Print Ad - image 1 - student project

Here's the original ad--I love the simple use of color and shape for such a beautiful effect!

UPDATE #1: worked on the boats and water first! hard to get the gradients on the boats to be quite how I want them--but I haven't watched those modules yet either :) wanted to give it a try myself first!

Air France Print Ad - image 2 - student project

UPDATE #2: started on the middle-round--the car/tree and the building on the far right. slow and steady! Ended up masking the canopy on the far right, and creating a wavy line for the rooftop. Used gradient to shade the tree--it's not exactly right but pretty close.

Air France Print Ad - image 3 - student project

UPDATE #3: finished with all of the basic forms, did a little bit with texture and gradient. Not sure I'm going to attempt the people, the image is almost too low res. Time for unit two to see how I can make this even better!

Air France Print Ad - image 4 - student project

UPDATE #4: have been making small tweaks with stroke and white space and color! Not quite motivated to perfectly brush the palm fronds...

Air France Print Ad - image 5 - student project