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Air France - Paris

Introduction to Project:

I may be biting off a lot with this choice, but it looks like it will include several skills in Illustrator that I would like to learn. I've used Illustrator for editing artwork from others and for creating very basic, shape-based drawings, but have recently become interested in doing more of my own work - at least as time permits!

I love the style of old travel posters and this little corner of l'île de la Cité is also a favorite spot of mine in Paris, so it was hard not to select this ad.


Update #1 - 12 June

This is coming along slowly but steadily, and I'm definitely learning some new things - I had never used the blob tool before, but completely get its usefulness now! I find it easier to work in a sort of sketching way, then go back and refine the details - such as "PARIS." All of the letters need some work, but the "S" is still very rough. You can also see my impatience at wanting to try different things and start seeing a whole, as I'm moving around the canvas and not finishing one area before moving on








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