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Air Force Academy (American football)

I have an intrest in American colege football and was a big fan of the Pro Combat series.  I like the idea of making a one time uniform for a bug game or event.  Recently, Army and Navy have gotten a lot of attention in this area for the Army Navy game. Below is an image of the two special uniforms.

The imgae portrays the intensity of the event and has really served to revitalize a major college football rivalry.  Each unifom has key minor details that highlights their respective services.  One time special uniforms can bring new life into a team and get the team amped for the game.  Special uniforms also serve to get the fan base roused, creating a better in game environment.  The Air Force Academy did something similar in 2010 with the thunderbird uniform, which lead to the first CIC trophy in 9 years:

The next year in 2011 they unveiled the greys, and another CIC trophy:

In 2012 they unveiled the "Stealth" uniforms, which I personally felt were terrible.  For the first time in recent memory, USAFA lost to both Army and Navy in the same season:

My idea is to create a new uniform that really resembles the Air Force as a service, while providing a powerful and intimidating feel to opponents.  The uniforms need to incorporate the Air Force down to the smallest details.  The technology needs to be revolutionary and the look needs to bring out the most in the fans and the players.  This needs to be on the magnitude of other Pro Combat designs, unique and powerful.

With new Hydrographics technology permiating the college football landscape, more and more complicated designs can be applied used on helmets.  One idea I have come up with is to use the following camo pattern that is applied to F-22 fighters.  As well as the camo pattern, a panel and rivet design could be applied to the helmet as well to give the appearance of actual aircraft skin (matte finish).  The facemask would also be matte, two toned with the light and grey colors:

All letters and numbers wll be in the offcial Air Force font (I'm not exactly sure what that is however), as pictured in the next photo.  With the exception that all font will be in 2-D, no 3-D effects:

The jersey and pants would both be the same color, the light AF grey most planes are painted in.  The numbers would be in the dark grey color (shown a little later on the wing design photos).  The jersey would simply have Air Force inscribed across the chest above the numbers, player names on the back.  Nike logo on one breast and American flag on the other breast (all in the grey color scheme).  Nikelace collar with Air Force Academy athletics logo on the collar.  The cut would be of a similar to the current Air Force Academy jersies pictured below.  The sleeve section would be in dark grey with tv numbers in light grey.

The pants would be the same light grey as the jersey.  The pants would include the USAF logo going up the right leg, and the star and bars logo seen on all Air Force aircraft going up the other.   Both would be very large and cover most of the side of the pants leg.  (The designs can be seen on the wing s in the pictures below.)

Another very important aspect of any uniform today is the glove deign.  Current designs have been getting more and more advanced, with pretty much any image possible anymore.

My idea was to have the gloves come together to make an image of an F-22, from the front view.  This view of the world's most advanced fighter would make for a pretty cool effect.  If possible, maybe two missiles could be shown as if shooting straight at the target.  The image below shows a similar view of my idea.

As much as it seems like it's all complete and wrapped up, there are still some design issues I need to work out.  Would the helmet have decals on the side or remain plain to show off the paint design?  One possibility would either be the player number or maybe AF11 and then the number, as seen on the tail above.  Another would be having the usual Air Force bolts in shiny grey so they are on the helmet, but subdued.  My favorite choice would be to have the helmet remain without decals on the side, and have large numbers on the rear of the helmet (similar in size to the bottom of a riddell speed helmet.

Another issue would be the color contrast.  NCAA rules dictate that player numbers must be easily seen and I'm not so sure if dark grey on light grey would be visible enough.  My only thought was to outline the numbers in red (in the same color as most aircraft safety decals on the exterior.  But I'm not so sure about that one.


Lastly, an all grey uniform could appear very, very bland.  In order to make it pop, there might need to be a brighter color introduced.  My thought was to introduce a orange and blue scheme on the cleats, socks, and back of the gloves.  This might represent aircraft exhaust in afterburner or maybe the exhaust of a missile.  The blue would represent the sky.  However, this might be too much of a stretch and I'm not exactly sure how well it would work.

File:Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor JSOH.jpg

Only other option I could think of is that the raptor is known for its green heads up display.  However, I have no idea if that could work either.


I am really happy with the way the helmet came out.  Camo pattern just like the F-22 with the rivet giving it a really sick look.  Matte finish really works with this pattern.  Very hard to demonstrate two-tone facemask due to the template already having a grey facemask.

I was not so happy with how thew uniform turned out.  Unfortunately I have terrible artistic skill so the numbers and name looks awful.  Imagination required for the entire set to overcome my lack of artistic ability ha ha.  Pants look pretty good with the USAF on one side and star on the other.  After completing the set, red outline on the numbers may not be required and looks awkward.  The cleats were not Nike template so I attempted to draw the four panel design on the cleats.  With just the cleats and socks alone the blue and orange really stand out, however with a similar scheme on the back of the gloves I think it may pop and finish off the look.  Gloves design will not be sketched as I do not have close to the ability to make that design.  Blue and orange on the back, front view of F-22 on the back.


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