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Ainsley Day

*** Update July 1, 2013 ***

Finally finished the full set, and had a lot of fun. Phew, these took a lot more detail time than I originally realized, but it's worth it to get the details right.

See below, now onto uploading to the Noun Project!

*** Update June 16, 2013 ***

Here's a few icons that I'm digging from the overall set.

I've been taking the outline approach but with each icon I want to fill something in all the way. Sometimes this is successful and sometimes it's not...

Having a lot of fun working on these, can't wait to get them all polished and up to snuff!

*** Update June 11, 2013 ***

Here's my initial sketches for my 20 list items. 

Now that they're all sketched out, I'm realizing that there are a couple that I've repeated that are unnecessary. Yes I repeat tasks in my day, but I figured the point of the class is to get us making more of a variety of icons rather than less. So when I take this into Illustrator I'll replace some of the biking multiples so that I can have more fun icons.

This is my list of 20 features of a typical day in my life. Biking's on there a lot but it's true!


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