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Ahoy Buccaneer!

(Thursday, June 13)

Ahoy Buccaneer! 

Thanks for the input, Matt~

(Thursday, June 6) 

Quite a transformation - WHEW!

(Wednesday, June 5) I decided to go back to the drawing board, and rework the body, focusing on pose and the shapes. Also, I wanted to make the face a bit more whimsical/cartoonish. So, here's the recreated pose of  in Illustrator.  

Thanks for your comment, Alex.  .  .agreed the body needed a bit of work to match the effort put in the face. So I am taking a break for now and then to the next step of rendering in Photoshop.  

A word of advice to classmates online -  it is REALLY worth it to do the exercises from Matt Kaufenberg's recommended resources link for Pen Tool tutorial:


(Wednesday, June 5)   Really enjoying this class by Matt Kaufenberg.  Great videos!  So fun to see projects by fellow online classmates from concept to final artwork. This is my first digital illustration, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!  THANKS~

(Monday, June 3 at 12 midnight)  Okay. . .here are the pirate shapes in Adobe Illustrator. . .

(Sunday, June 2 at 7:30PM) The first go-round walked the plank. . .so I've taken a new direction.

When staring at the art I pinned on my board,  the eye candy was "inspiring". . .and frankly my first try at developing a character illustration was way too political and a bit of a downer.   So, I decided to target a younger audience with something more boyish, more youthful. 

Here's remembering the days a few years back when my now not so little middle schooler dressed up as a pirate in his toddler years.


(Friday, May 31)

Ahoy Mateys!

This is my first Skillshare class and what a trip! Really enjoy perusing the inspiration boards of my fellow online classmates. It looks like almost 300 folks have enrolled in the class! What a talented bunch~

I've started with my Pinterest Inspiration board focusing on pirate illustrations, as well as pinned art by talented character designer/children book & graphic novel illustrators/children's entertainment animators.


I hope to have some sketches up soon. 


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