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Ahnixware Logo

So I started a game development company and already have an app out but I need a logo for the company. I have experience with graphic design and not much money so I need to make the logo myself. (I really enjoy logo design anyways.) Here goes. 


I started by writing up a document describing what I want the company branding as a whole to represent. Here are some quotes from it: 

"When I think of the Ahnixware brand, I think of a production company that takes video games as an artform seriously while also paying homage to its playful roots."

"...design forward, it needs to communicate that we care about all aspects of the design of our products by means of having the logo be well designed."

"It should display the same sense of mystery and fun in brands such as square enix and nintendo without feeling nostalgic or relying on the past. It needs to project itself forward as a new pillar in the art of interactive experience."

Then I compiled a bunch of visual research in a pinterest board to serve as my mood board. Here is a link: 


Then I did these sketches. So far my favorite is #4. Keep in mind these are more just explorations of feeling rather than actual pitches. They are gestures. 

Been kinda quiet here so I took to the Logo Critique thread on Reddit, also came up with a new solution that I decided to stick with. It has pretty much everything I wanted. It looks well designed and will reflect the company's obsession with good design and attention to detail. It also reflects its industry's playful roots. In its execution I will give it texture and an organic filter to show how this company is different than most other game companies in that it draws inspiration from human experience, both visceral and emotional rather than JUST focusing on technology. Here's the pretty much finished logo:


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