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Ahhh Wisconsin! We're like you. Changing the way college students in recovery get well and get smart.

Because we believe every college student in recovery deserves access to healthy environments and normal activities while getting well and getting smart we commit our time, energy, resources, and green energy of money to building a Collegiate Recovery Community with Housing Options in Madison, WI. Free of substance influences young people live in recovery. Young people in recovery, back on track  have the present...and a future; they pay tuition, attend classes, give back to the community, hold jobs, build relationships...they remain students.

Ahhh Wisconsin! We're like you.


UW does and so do U.  You know what it's like to go to college, or to send a son or daughter to college. You saw someone's child go to school healthy and come home with a substance addiction. You know about detox admissions.  You read about drug crime sentencing. You attend funerals. You know what it feels like to be alone in a crowd. 

The University of Wisconsin System schools may be identified with substance abuse addiction, and now they're working to be part of the recovery solution. Where once there was nothing, there are now three recovery housing options for students in Madison: Connect House for Women, Aaron's House for Men, and Pres House-Next Step Apartments for Men and Women. A student organization, Live Free Recovery and Wellness formed in the spring 2014. A recovery community center will open soon. 

Ahhh Wisconsin! We're like you.


From the smallest acorn grow the mighty oaks of the forest. A simple seed of an idea of an 18 year old, planted in 2005 in the fertiles soil of Madison, Wisconsin between three colleges has firm roots in the community today. A beautiful savannah of collegiate recovery opportunities includes three housing options, a vibrant Student Organization, campus 12 step meetings, a consortium of supportive partners, and soon a designated recovery center as a visible go-to place for young people in recovery who are getting well, getting smart, and living free.  

Our biggest challenge is our biggest asset---. We hear it from potential donors and grantors---"Recovery housing and asset buildign should be handled by the University of Wisconsin". We listened and learned: there is a belief that the UW experience is responsible for some of the damage and capable of being part of the solution. 

Ahhh Wisconsin! We're like you.


We have a data base of ____hundreds (maybe 400) people who have donated to our three organizations. We have nearly a 1000 likes on our collective Facebook pages. We will work from that data base to identify our 100-200 Passionately Weird Fans. People who are LIKE US. For those who are committed to seeing us succeed we will give "membership" to our movement. 


Ahhh Wisconsin! We're like you.


Emotion: Story---- We believe kids in recovery from substance use addiction should not be alone on campus and have access to proven effective assets such as step meetings, recovery housing, recovery people meeting space, and funds for hosting party alternatives which are held on campus and are not alcohol and other drug fueled. A football Saturday or game night or other big event day should not be a trigger event because the only place to go is into the lion's den.

Brand--- College students who want recovery from substance use addiction trust us for  to make the assets accessible on campus. 

Experience---The University of Wisconsin knows who and how many students were escorted off of campus for crimes, failing grades, and drug incidents. They do not know who or how many students die at home from the addictions they acquired while on campus. ONCE A BADGER ALWAYS A BADGER should be the attitude of the UW----if they have to go home, who is in charge of bringing them back alive? 

Price---The schools can put a price on the cost of losing 1 student. The can put value on the readmission of a student who comes back to school. A student paying tuition is easy to compare to a student who is home not paying tuition.  A student who chooses UW because UW has a Recovery Community Support stystem is measurable in admission dollars. When students select a school with a recovery support system the school and the student wins.

Wierd--- LIke a Packers or Badgers fan, it's good to be wierd and be fanatical about success for the people you have passion for. We will find those people who can be wierd and passionate by knowing how people and what people identify with us. 

World View---Our fans will ID with us as Parents, recovery people, students, friends of family, family members, educators, doctors, nurses, recovery counselors, ministers. 

Persona---The persona will be able to relate to what it feels like to be alone in a crowd.

Customer Service--BAsed on trust that we be what we say and we do what we promise.

Emotions--Fear of losing a person close to them. Fear of standing by and watching a tragedy happen. Desire to be part of a movement that has never happened in a community that is fertile for tragedy due to binge drinking and drugging and equally fertile to be the go-to place in the country for education, medicine, jobs, recovery.

Licensing--We have the blue print and 7 years of evidence for running what we run in recovery housing. This is  a model to be duplicated.

Risk-- Appearing as anti-party, anti-drinking we could trigger a reaction from the segment who fear losing the party culture so engrained in the UW Madison experience. We avoid talking about changing culture and focus on changing opportunity for those who want to be well.


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