Aha! - student project

Aha! - image 1 - student project

Really enjoyed this class, which I actually found to be pretty challenging for me. As a more traditional illustrator, I tend to gravitate towards realism and details, so trying to be a concise and expressive while minimizing lines is hard! Ryan makes it look like a breeze! 

I tried to follow Ryan's process and use as many whole shapes as possible to create this. Again, my more traditional illustrative tendency is to use the pen tool to just draw the shapes and angles I need, rather than utilize Illustrator's shapes/pathfinder tools to strategically manipulate base shapes.

Another thing I noticed was how even the slightest tweaks made a huge difference. I started off with much smaller eyes, and was surprised by how different the face looked with larger eyes - or with a different mouth. 

Loved the iterative process. That's also something that I don't normally do with traditional mediums. it's awesome to be able to iterate and try something new without worrying about not being able to go back. And seeing the progression is fun too!

Aha! - image 2 - student project

Feedback always welcome! :)