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Aha 3D Moments

In ten sentences or less, write down your business model.

The business aims to create significantly improved simple daily objects using 3D printing technology and sell them online. Create a paper cup lid for every Tim Horton's cup so no one get burned again before waking up. Create a tea pot sprout that doesn't drip when pouring. It's basically improving upon what's obviously broken.

List the assets you have or will acquire

3D printer(s)

List the human resources you will contribute or hire

Industrial designer(s); content marketer(s) and me

Who is your customer?

gadget/novelty lovers, early adopters, and online shoppers.

What does the customer gets from doing business with you?

Improvement in their lives and enjoyment of using something that's not broken.

What part of this is hard?

Correctly iddentify what's broken in the minds of the customers.

Keeping a steady volume of new creations.

Which part is unique?

original 3D design that solves functional problems in everyday life.

How you're going to repeat it again and again?

Cultivate a strong design team

Invite website visitors to submit thier probems (identify what they see as broken)

Are you a Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Definately an entrepreneur.


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