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Ah Tally Counter

in a speech class or a Toastmasters meeting, one game commonly played is to tally the number of Ah's, um's and unnecessary delay words (like "like" when not describing a simile or "so" when not leading to a conclusion). The idea is to tally these filler words up because the person saying them often does not realize he or she is even saying them.

there needs to be a list of people so when the person who has the floor to speak can be quickly changed.

when a person is selected there needs to be a very easy way to add to a person's tally almost without looking at the screen.

occsionally, there will be mistakes, Hearing "So", pulling the trigger, and then after a pause realizing the person is really stating their conclusion. There needs to be a way to reduce the tally, but it needs to be more difficult to do and should be almost never able to do this by accident.

at the end, it should have a list of Ah's for each person throughout the whole session (even if they speak multiple times in different situations)

adding another feature: the tally counter should play a sound when the tally is increased. (Always silent for a decrease). That gives the speaker immediate feedback that he or she is using an Ah in the actual situation. It can help to realize the faux pas immediately.

Another feature: the sound should be configurable between four options. a finger snap like click, a shushing like one commonly hears in audiences to be quiet, and a pleasant but quickly dampening bell (like sousumi rather than hero in length). And of course a silent option. 

Ideally, one could configure a default sound (or no sound) for most people, but individually adjust it for a shy and nervous person to be something softer, or adjust it to play a loud and attention getting sound for more advanced speakers who wanted to hear when they mess up.

final, "stretch feature" it should keep track of the individual times of the individual Ah's regardless of whether a sound was played or not. If, in the future, there is some way to sync the "ah" track with a video recording of the session, it might be useful information to go to the part of the video where the Ah's were more frequent.


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