Aging a character

Aging a character - student project

This was really helpful. So, just randomly drawing a character isn't really a problem for me, but as for their perceived age the outcome has been a bit random for me up to now. So knowing what to look out for and what little tricks make a character look slightly older or younger was really really helpful!

Aging a character - image 1 - student project

To keep it simple I created a baby boy. (In hind sight, a girl would have been ever better to show age progression.) I made him light skinned, blond and brown eyed, because that way I could show a colour shift as he ages. Babies of course all have blue eyes, whereas blond hair and light skin will darken as s.b. ages. 

Aging a character - image 2 - student project

I also tried to pay attention to clothes, activites and character development. Toddlers e.g. are often whiny and younger kids wear more bright clothes. 

Aging a character - image 3 - student project

Abilities would differ, too. At one point we learn to walk, at about 6 reading comes into the picture, team sports might play a role for slightly older kids...

Aging a character - image 4 - student project

Overall I'm really happy with what I learned during this class! Thank you!