Age of Man - Dialogue

“It’s a good thing I’m your friend,” Amelia said, “you couldn’t convince anyone else to come with you.”

Just then, the train came whooshing into the station, so Syn just gave half of a grin in response and stepped toward where she thought the doors would be when the train stopped.

There were plenty of seats and Amelia sat opposite Syn so they could both stretch out. “I mean, the exurbs are creepy.”

“It’s fun to browse for things there.”

“Yeah, you drag me along and make me crawl through piles of junk. That’s supposed to be fun?”

“There’s nothing interesting back in the City,” Syn said. “And, no one’s making you come.”

“What fascinates you about all that old stuff?”

“I like history, old stories.”

“You like Cotard.”

“If you mean I enjoy Professor Cotard’s history class, then yeah, I do. So what?”

“Uh huh, you like Cotard.”

“Drop it, will ya! Besides, if we’re going to work for BAT, we ought to know what makes people motivated. Maybe, we can figure out what made everyone go off the deep end way back then.”

“Sure, then you can nudge people into going bat-shit crazy again. You’re evil.”

“Uh, no. So we can protect the future from imploding.”

“But secretly it’s because you like Cotard, right?”

The train slid to a stop and the doors slid open. Amelia got the last word in, for now.