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Age of Innocence in a not so innocent time

Loving this image by Tomer Hanuka ^

leaning towards the image of the rose (this image is by photographer Albert Richards)


Played with the idea and these themes/colors. I'm moving in a different direction now.


Loving this Image and color scheme & suggestion of temptation (Max Ernest Garden of France)


Work in progress:

Playing with a romantic image from that era but one which has a less feminine feel. I love this painting by Munch because there's something secretive, romantic, dark but lovely & passionate.

This image very much embodies Age of Innocence in my mind; the curtains (which are used in the theater), the city down below with them hidden behind a curtain kissing and out of sight. I chose a yellow font not only because it's a great contrast to the dark blue, but so it's representative of the yellow roses in the novel.


I'm choosing the Age of Innocence because it is one of my favorite books and all the covers past and present have all looked the same. What really strikes me as odd is that all the covers have a female on them, and while Madame Olenska is a pivotal character this story is almost told from the perspective of Newland Archer, the man who falls in love with her.

Some consistent themes present in the novel are:

Yellow Roses (He buys her roses on and off anonymously until she realizes it's him)

Gloves, hands, rings (The carriage ride in the middle of the book where they have their second serious talk, and he removes her glove and touches her hands)

The theater/Opera (The book opens here, and pivotal parts of the novel reside here and it's here Madame Olenska realizes that it's him sending yellow roses)

Gossip that everyone carries "like a calling card" (Everyone knows of Madama Olenskas scandal with her husband and her old life)

Old New York (The setting)

Naivety (Newland Archers fiance, May Welland is portrayed in the novel as very naive and empty, but loyal and loved)

This is the edition I have:

This is a great love story with subtlety and scandal and I want a cover that speaks to this generation, in a modern but classic way keeping the Victorian tone of the novel.

Admittedly this is one of my favorite books AND one of the my favorite movies as directed by Martin Scorsese. He "gives good period piece". It's hard to forget the movie while trying to reimagine this cover. I think in a way he reimagined the story as well in his own way; his editing of the film was very focused on art of the time and many scenes mimic either paintings, some of which are even shown in the film, and opera which he does wonderfully with lighting. It's almost hard to see where the opera in the film ends and begins within the movie.

I want to get away from using just a female figure on the cover. Something more evocative of a love story that is passionate, but tame, yet never got started really, which is their story.



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