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Agatha Christie's Tasmania: from 1922 to 2.0!

I've not got very far yet – sorry to anyone hoping to see something here! Getting there though, and am loving seeing other projects (thank you).


Why am I making this map?

I think Agatha Christie's time in Tasmania is a bit of a secret (less so now because her grandson's published her letters/photos from her Grand Tour of 1922 – which is when she visited Tassie – but I still reckon very few Agatha fans/potential travellers to Tas know about the link).

I'd like the map to inspire people to visit the same places Agatha did in 1922 (some of them a bit out of fashion these days), and to help promote parts of Tasmania (and its mysteries) through a very well known identity!

Why am I the expert?

Wish I were an expert! I'm Tasmanian, an Agatha Christie buff, a crime/travel writer, and a communications specialist (editorial director/content strategist)... and I'm good at seeing possibilities in things!

Target audience?

Anyone who's into Agatha, crime/mysteries, puzzles, art deco, the 1920s, Tasmania, islands... whew, to me that's a dream combo for anything! 

Printed or digital?

ideally both. Want it to be fun, practical and inspiring for locals and visitors; older and younger demographics.

Level of detail?

Hmm – TBA

Dear Class, I will need your thoughts on...

What to edit out from all the ideas I have!

My favourite resources are...

Books like the Griffin and Sabine series, the line drawings/history/stories in Tintin, old maps of anywhere...


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