Again (Here We Go)

Again (Here We Go) - student project

The link to the audio is available on SoundCloud here. I wrote this last year, but never got around to uploading it.

This song is about my fiancé and I (that's his hand on my face in the image that he shot and edited, btw). We were at a point where we'd been together long enough to understand what makes the other tick and why, and how to problem solve in our relationship. However, I was depressed and had no way of expressing how I felt or why, and he had no way of understanding or helping me, and became frustrated. Consequently, we argued regularly, but neither of us were willing to quit the relationship.

Communication, be it calm or raging, is key in a healthy relationship. I had to understand that neither he nor I were perfect, and that would mean our relationship would not be happy-go-lucky every day, forever and ever, amen. After completing this song, I made a conscious effort to take the good with the bad. We've been together 4 years now. We're getting married this year, and are starting a new adventure out west.

I hope you enjoy.