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Agnieszka Kobylinska

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Aga Kobylinska Surface Pattern Design

Hello! I'm Aga Kobylińska, a surface pattern designer from Warsaw, Poland. After a long time of "not feeling ready" to show my work to clients, I decided to seriously go for it. This class has helped me a lot!

I would like to share my portfolio, for this moment is only digital, but I can't wait to go with physical version (I was making this class step by step so I haven't yet seen the build&bind part). I really really enjoyed first part of the course (thank you Bonnie!!). Unfortunately my Illustrator had crashed so many times on a way (I don't know if it was lack of memory on my hard drive, the fact that some of my designs are not vector or something else went wrong) that finally decided to try with InDesign. I'm highly influenced by product catalogues & cook books, and I think my portfolio may feel a little bit like a book, I hope it's okay. I used quite a loot of mood photos, some of them are my own and others are creative commons pictures. Here are some exemplary pages:



table of contents:


separator :


Set of pages for one collection:




About me page:


Miniature of all spreads:


Here is a link to the portfolio on Issuu if you want to take a look!

p.s. I'm not English native speaker so if you have any language suggestions, please correct me! Thanks in advance :)


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