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Afternoon with Katie

I always stress to the people I shoot with the importance of shooting right as the sun goes down. The pinnacle of my day for months has been when I see the sun poking through the window of the drawing studio where I take one of my classes. Two days out of the week I would see the light pouring in through a large circular window in one corner of the room. I knew that I wanted to do a photo shoot there, it was only a question of when. Meeting Katie while shooting a lookbook for a client assured me she was the perfect for the shoot. She was one of the models they chose for their branding and after expressing interest in shooting with her further we exchanged information. Her background in dance gave her legs a grace that was powerful to take in. I sought out to conduct a shoot that was playful and sensual without approaching too much of a sexualized mood. As a prop I brought some bubbles that she played with in a childlike way, which made for a few funhouse type of images. As the sun went down we moved on along to a nearby forest path that gave me the idea to get down to the ground and get really personal with some of the portraits. I attempted to highlight her amazing eyes by using a selective focus and leaving a beautiful bokeh in the background. The afternoon produced some highly successful images from my perspective, and a chance to learn more about not only my shooting style but from direct feedback from my Katie about what does and doesn't work about my directing skills.


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