Lucien Vedego

An Oracle of Sorts



Afternoon Stroll

  1. Coffee
  2. Rose
  3. Car
  4. Hammer
  5. Glass
  6. Eagle
  7. Rain
  8. Sun
  9. Tree
  10. Key

I was walking downtown to get a cup of coffee when I noticed a rose bush had suddenly manifested in the middle of a parking space. I knelt before the flowers and spoke to them, saying, "Silly little shrub, don't you know this is a place for a car to park?" Then the shrub spoke back! It told me, "In fact, I am an automobile! This is a cloaking disguise, used to protect me against those who would take a hammer to my glass windows." I nodded in understanding. Just then, a loud screech penetrated the sky. When I looked up, I saw an eagle swooping here and there - away from the rain clouds and towards the sun, eventually coming to rest on the branch of a maple tree. I looked back to the shrub and it spoke again, "The key is to think like nothing is what it seems!" I seemed to be in need of caffeine.


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