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Afterlife Duet Characters: Raoh the Shabti and Keft the Crown of Unravel

Alright so to begin I was back and forth with this projects direction. After deciding that I was going to go with an Egyptian Inspired Character, rather than a Pirate, I toyed with the character idea. 

My first thought was to develop a character called Almen Ra, who would be a vlilianous monster of a deity, that terroriezed a alternate world, in search of a book of power. I then begin to research Ancient Egypt and found that since Amen+Ra were connect to beings that were good, I rerouted my concept to center around the darker forces of the god Set and the Demon Ammit. 

I particularly became captivated by the egyptian demon Ammit, who was known also as the Soul Swallower. I changed my characters name to Amam the Devourer, as Amam is anouter name for the demon Ammit.  I then constructed my character a premise for orign and a descriptions. This is what I cam up with-

Origin Premise:

  • Height: 7ft (7headstall) and grows with each page from the book consumed
  • Skin: Greyish Purple, or Blood soaked sand (red+golden brown)
  • Hair: None
  • Head: Nemes Crown-details: Over Exaggerated, and Largely spanning the width of characters shoulders-Stretch Headwraping bands


Key Elements: 

  • Large Hands, with absord Eye of Horus in the left palm 
  • Crown with UnDisc and Horns, Headdressing-Extreme porpotions and design warps
  • Possible Shoulder guards, arm guantlets

Next I set up my pintrest and inspiration board-

Then I worked on some sketches Experiementing with Facial Structure, Body form, and concepts for his hand and Crown.

Now as I said before , I did a ton of reseach on Ancient Egypt. Scouring the pages of books from my local library provided great inspirations and ideas. From this I came up with a Entirely new concept. My first character hindged on his powers being sourced from a demon deity and a mytic regalia embedded in his hand, however what if...

My mind started racing...what if the eye was not  in the hand, but apart of the crown and headdressing! What if the Crown was its own character, and mystically floated over the main character! What if the Crown was a weapon and used ghost straps with cloth like hands at the ends to shield and defend the main character. What if this partnership was silly and the Crown seemed to be wacky and provide comic relief. 

Well with sparks of What Ifs flaring through my brain, I began...

Sketching...Erasing...Sketching over Sketches until...VOILA!!!

The Concept for the Crown Keft and Raoh the Shabti 

Next I started building my shapes in illustrator, and working in colors

Here is my progress:

Raoh The Shabti (Shabti-Clay or Wooden figures made for Pharoahs to be servants for them in the Afterlife)

Then Keft the Crown of Un Ravel (lol..I know I get silly with this stuff)

Then after creating the base shapes I started using the Mesh tool to color Raoh.

Heres the progress so far:


Alright I am Back

So after this point I did alot. I MEAN ALOT!  

Here is the Updated Progress. First I finished doing all the Mesh tool work on Raoh in adobe Illustrator, and then shipped every thing over to photo shop to begin painting. 

As you can see I did both Roah and Keft's Eye (Pupil, Iris, Etc) with the mesh tool. one in Photo Shop I begin to use Clipping Masks and my Wacom Bamboo to retouch and add details

I also gathered materials to make a scene, Mixing together Clouds, Sand, and even tossing in a Moon. Creating the Background was fun because Photoshop Cs6 allows you to add Adjustments to layers. I used the adjustments to change the colors, hue & saturation, and the viberance. I continued on to paint the Keft's crown and Headdress. Here is how it is shaping up

And now for the FINAL!!!!

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks for the Support, and all feedback is welcomed, 

and thank you Matt Kaufenberg for teaching this course. 


Nathan Dreggors

"Every Imagination Matters"


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