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After tea it's back to dancing

I decided to enroll in this class so that I could improve how I arrange pictures, words and other items on vintage style journal pages. While many books about vintage journaling give great ideas for techniques that fall into the aesthetic category, there is very little said about layout for effective communication. The pages are 12inches x 12inches and that square format presents unique challenges.

I would like to make use of this picture of my grandmother and two of her friends to communicate something about the social life of the group. The picture is dated c1915 and my grandmother lived in a rural community. Music and dance were prominent both as social activities and for education.

Somebody has suggested to me that I combine this with the Thinking Dancer series because it includes some of the dances my grandmother would have known about such as the mazurka and the tango. Now I have to do some thinking of my own.

I have made my own grid using a clear polypropylene sheet and a permanent marker. As mentioned previously, the dimensions of a typical scrapbook page is are 12inches x 12inches, so I have chosen the 12 column grid. 

So now that it’s time to start binging it all together I realize that the introduction of the grid is not usual in scrapbook page design. Not overtly anyway. The techniques for embellishing need to become part of the design rather than decoration. I’m taking it slowly and I can build up layers as I go. This is the skeleton so far.

The next stage. 

I chose a black and while colour scheme with a peachy colour background. Reprinted the photograph in grey tones and added a highlight with bright red. This is quite different to designing a web page. More organic for want of a better word. The grid helps to form the overall picture.


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