After Workday

After Workday - student project

After you long and hard day when you got home and want to relax for a bit, instead of that, grab some a4 paper and grab some colorful pens. Try to describe with them by drawing AND writing your whole day. This way you will relax, you will have fun and you will easily see how quickly you can remember.

Put that in your schedule in Friday and try again with paper and colors to describe your whole week. Once you have tried this you are going to create a new good habit, and it doesn't take much of time.

Giving yourself this fun routine increases your memory recall, and your memorization of details. This way you can collect a data of days if you want to recall it, quite like photography when you see it you start to remember several details about it and some stories. Not every picture and day has good story behind it but you can spicy up a bit to be more interesting.

Remember goal is not just to learn how to, but also to have fun while doing it.