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Tom Stratford



After Work Guinness Animated

I animted my poster to practice working between Illustrator and After Effects. I've been struggling with the maximum upload size so please click here for a video version!

Here's my finished poster from Illustrator.

First up I just want to say how much I've enjoyed working on this project! I'm super happy to finally be up and running with the basics of Illustrator! Thanks Brad!

I decided to follow a very simple design for this project to avoid getting overwhelmed during my first stab at using Illustrator. I chose this retro Guinness poster by Tom Eckersley as I love to drink Guinness and think it's a fun little design. Here's some info on the artist Tom Eckersley and here's the original poster.

First up came the 'Form Building', pretty simple.

Next up came the 'Form Stylizing'. The challenge here was building the 'G' and 'S' from scratch as the font I was using didn't match the original. Good fun!

Finally the 'Advanced Topics' and generally finishing up. I've got to admit I found applying the textures with Clipping Masks to be the most diffcult part but I guess I'll improve at that with more practice. Here's the final result! What do you think?

Bonus! Because I was enjoying myself so much I even made a quick piece from the 'Vector Patterns' lesson.

Thanks for checking out my work everyone!


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