After Race Hangups


Every month NYRR throws a number of races with 5000+ runners. It is amazing what running has become and how NY embraces it. 

I have been a runner in NY for years. I love training and going to these races. My normal attendance is up at 6am and done at 10am. After the race I go home and wait for all my friends to wake up.

There are 5000+ runners and there should be a stronger sense of community. That is what I wanna change, I want to create casual hangouts after the race. I want people to not only look forward for the races but after as well. 


Create a site that would help runners hangout after the race. 

How will the MVP app work?

  1. Create account
  2. Login
  3. Write what you wanna do after the race (e.g., burgers, drinks, ect). Everyones votes will be broken into an infographic. 
  4. You can either 
    a) Create a hangout based off of popular interests - pick time, location how many people
    b) Join an exisiting meetup

Future Works

  1. Profiles with personalized interests 
  2. Follow friends and send personal messages 
  3. Deals with local restaurants/vendors
  4. Expand website to other cities beside NY


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