After My New Knowledge

After My New Knowledge - student project

So I started photography over 2 years ago. Picked up a Canon Rebel T6i and loved the images. I had everything on Auto and got a lot of images I was proud of at the time. I had no clue how to control the settings. 

I lost the camera and didn't pick another up until about 3 months ago. I now have a Canon Rebel T7i with a kit 18-55mm f1.4-5.8 lens and a YN 50mm f1.8 (just picked up a few days ago).

When I first got the camera, I left it in manual to try to learn the settings and I was getting the same kind of results as when I first started. I messed with ISO like my life depended on it and kinda new what Shutter Speed control did, but didn't know the aperture settings were AT ALL!

My ISO would always be high and shutter super low and I couldn't understand why my photos were always grain-y and/or over/under exposed. 

Now because of this course, I finally understand!

And that is where this image comes into play. I am a valet so I see cool cars all the time. I live in Arizona and it is usually sunny, but today we had overcast. I chose a ISO of 400 but lowered my shutter speed to about 1/120 I believe to let in the most light, and an aperture of f2.2 (all these numbers are off the top of my head, I can't remember what it was exactly.) I wanted to keep the shadows of the image, as well as give it great clarity and make the subject pop.

Let me know what you think!