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After Eleven // FW2014

 After Eleven is a San Francisco based clothing brand drawing inspiration from surf culture to progressive street style, established to provide quality apparel for an active lifestyle.

 We aspire to challenge and encourage our generation to treat each waking hour as an opportunity for creation.

 Don’t just exist. Founded 2005

Wholesale: In the first few years, the majority of our sales were direct to customer via our online store and a presence at major music festivals and action sports events - Warped Tour, The Bamboozle Festival & Bamboozle Left - as well as events that we put together ourselves. Later, we started exhibiting at tradeshows to expand into the wholesale side of things; ie. MAGIC / Street, MAGIC, s.l.a.t.e., AGENDA Long Beach & AGENDA New York. 

From those shows, we've secured a hand full of stockists, however, our price points are a little high for the major retailers that we've spoken to - so I am currently sourcing and looking to secure a new manufacturers and to lower our price points without cutting to deep into our margin.

Typically, we hand out a printed catalog ( look book / line sheet style with all relevant information for buyers ) at trade shows and always send a digital copy when we follow up. If we reach out to buyers prior to a show, we will already send them the digital copy and leave them with the printed version when we meet. 

After Eleven FW2014 Line Sheet

*I've taken out the wholesale prices as well as MSRP on the line sheet to display here - but I generally include that information in the product details or in a list on the back. 

There's a typo - "line shet" instead of line sheet - I've corrected this. Sorry!

After Eleven Apparel FW2014 Look Book //

Photographer: Ivan Villa // Creative Director: Morgan Gore
MUA: Chloe Rainwater // Asst. Stylist: Dopensteez (Brandon Tran) 

Extra: For the sake of this class, I'm going to share another line sheet from a previous collection

After Eleven SP2013

Insta: @afterelevenapparel
Twitter: @aftereleven


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