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After Dark

*UPDATED 2/2/13*

Added a few more shots. These are all light trails. I wanted to try with an empashis on the fence and then off the fence. The first shot is pretty dramatic with the fence in focus, but the other are fairly interesting too.

Also, just to note. I was detained by the police for taking these photos. True story.


Here are my first few shots for the class. Man, am I rusty. It was pretty rainy tonight so I hope to get back out tomorrow in Boston. I'll be in upstate NY for the weekend and hope to get some great shots out there too.

These were all taken in Boston’s Drydock area.

This first photo is where a lot of cargo ships pull into Boston. None tonight though.

This is a wide shot of Logan airport from the drydock. It was so rainy tonight and I was having an incredibly difficult time keeping my lens clean and dry.

Light trails, from a plane! Here's a shot of a plane taking off and heading South out of Logan. I had next to no time to set up this shot since I was already in the process of taking a different one when I heard the plane engines starting to roar. Needless to say, I think it still came out pretty cool.


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