After & Before ;)

After & Before ;) - student project

Peggy!  Sharing these 3 apps is a gift!  I'm still in awe with what can be done on these programs!  Spoken from a "more mature" grey-haired lady that was a senior in high school when the first computers entered the school.  My only issue at my end would be knowing when to stop and not changing the original too much.  I did want to ask you if you use Lightroom or Photoshop or do you find these three apps do the job for you?  I am of the same mind to just get it done and move on.  I don't want to spend too much time on "fixing" my photos.  Thanks again, young lady!  I learn much from you.  After & Before ;) - image 1 - student projectAfter & Before ;) - image 2 - student project